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Board Members and Staff


Michelle Lechner, Executive Director

Ann Linenfelser, Admin Asst.

Board Members

Wynne Coplea
President, University of Illinois Springfield

David Miller
Vice President, Illinois Army National Guard

Lisa Kneller
Treasurer, Vintage Tech

Marie Streenz
Secretary, Midwest Fiber

Carlo Cavallaro
Director, USAgain

Jennifer Jarland
Director, Kane County environmental Resources

KJ Loerop
Director, K Hoving Recycling & Disposal

Kevin Moss
Director, Citgo Inc

Brandon Wolf
Director, Kuusakoski LLC

Leonard Worth
Director, Fluorecycle, Inc.

David Smith
Agency Liaison, Illinois DCEO

Dave Walters
Agency Liaison, Illinois EPA

Carol Staniec
Agency Liaison, U.S. EPA Region 5

Paula Cross
Macon County Environmental Management

Kristy Hecke
McHenry County Dept. of Health

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