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Survey on HB 5666

HB 5666 is sponsored by Representative Anthony DeLuca from Chicago Heights on behalf of the waste industry (National Waste & Recycling Association).  An amendment to the bill was filed by Rep. DeLuca on March 21, 2014.  The primary components of the amended bill are it:

Amends the Illinois Municipal Code to make it subject to the provisions of the IL Solid Waste Hauling and Recycling Program Act (HB 5666), and strips municipal government (both home rule and non-home rule municipalities in Cook County and all contiguous counties) of the authority to enter into a contract or franchise for the collection of municipal waste, recyclables or food scraps from non-residential locations (commercial businesses) unless the municipality: 1) provides notice to the licensed haulers that it intends to issue a commercial franchise request for proposal, 2) adopts an ordinance requiring the licensed haulers, for a period of 3 years, to report on the number of businesses with recycling service, and 3) based on the hauler data and analysis after a 3 year study period is able to document that less than 30% of the businesses in the municipality have recycling service.    

This bill is viewed both positively and negatively by different members. Most communities would not engage in such a long study and the reporting requirements are loose. So the bill could create competition and better services or make it difficult for local government to increase commercial recycling services.

We want to know your thoughts:
Do you believe most commercial businesses are currently contracting for recycling services?
Do you believe commercial recycling services are more affordable when offered in a community franchise or free market?
Do you believe reporting of data to learn the recycling rate should be required?
Do you believe the legislation will increase recycling opportunities?
Do you support HB 5666?

Wish to leave us further comments?  Email with Subject: HB 5666.
Thank you for sharing your opinion.



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