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The Illinois Recycling Foundation is a charitable organization that welcomes memberships and donations from individuals interested in supporting recycling efforts in Illinois. Separately, the Illinois Recycling Association encourages membership from people interested in working on legislative efforts related to select recycling issues. These two distinct organizations serve different but complementary roles in promoting recycling initiatives in Illinois.

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As we welcome the 2024-2025 fiscal year, we are excited to introduce new Board of Directors members for the foundation. Their diverse expertise and commitment to environmental stewardship will undoubtedly drive us toward achieving our mission of reducing waste, conserving resources, and promoting a circular economy.

Recycle Coach is a comprehensive, user-friendly app and website plug-in tailored to meet the diverse needs of local governments and their residents.

In the tranquil town of Crystal Lake, Illinois, environmental advocates, industry leaders, and government officials gathered at the Holiday Inn for the 2024 Illinois Recycling Foundation (IRF) Annual Conference.