Mindy Agnew

Director, Communications Committee Co-Chair, Membership Committee

Mindy Agnew is the Sustainability Coordinator for the Village of Oak Park. In her new role she implemented the 2018 single-use bag fee law and oversees the community choice electricity aggregation program.  Beginning in 2008 she was a member of the team that guided School District to incorporate zero waste programs. She helped launch the Oak Park CompostAble program where single family homes and up to 5-flat households can pay a monthly fee for curbside organics collection. In 2014, she helped launch Oak Park’s Green Block Party program where in addition to composting, recycling and zero waste education, residents learn about organic lawn care, edible gardens and self-guided tree tours highlighting the benefits of the specific species unique to their block. These block parties have quadrupled to almost 100 in the past year.