Dr BK Sharma
Director, Educational Committee, Grant Committee

Dr Sharma's research areas are biofuels, biolubricants and alternative fuels. In February 2016, BK was elected as fellow of Society of Tribology & Lubrication Engineers. In November 2017, he was also admitted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. BK is on the Editorial Board of Fuel Processing Technology and is the associate technical editor for the Journal of Surfactants and Detergents.

Dr. Sharma has  developed  pioneering  work  in  catalytic  depolymerization  of  various  plastics; solvent dissolution method for separating plastic of high value from mixed plastic. His major areas of work include thermochemical conversion of various dry and wet wastes including agricultural biomass, plastic, tires, MSW, used cooking oil, animal fat, brown grease, food waste, coffee grounds, algae, biosolids, swine manure to fuels and other value added products; bio-oil upgradation to usable fuels through catalytic processes and extraction; separation of bio-oils into fuel distillates; engineered asphalt binders; high-value products (biobased industrial lubricants and antioxidants) from agricultural materials; and characterization of fuels and lubricants.