Cathy Scratch

Cathy is the founder and CEO of Feed Earth Now (FEN), LLC, an accelerated composting technology company that creates Terreplenish. Terreplenish is a microbial soil amendment that restores the biological community (the microbiome) of depleted soils. Cathy's interest in food waste began while she was performing a waste audit for a large hotel in Chicago, discovering the hotel’s food prep kitchen alone was generating 10-tons of food waste each week and sending it to a faraway landfill to rot in anaerobic conditions, producing powerful greenhouse gases. Scratch says, “Consider that food waste, like the human body can be made up of 75% water. The liquid in food waste is a key problem and is the core reason on why there aren’t more large-scale compost sites for food waste. The liquid can become pathogenic and can be considered a hazardous or toxic waste and leach into soil and waterways. For most people when it’s out of their sight and smell, it’s out of mind”. Proper composting through the FEN process alleviates these problems.