Luke Fikejs
Director, Electronics Committee Chair

Luke Fikejs, President and founder of a truly “one of a kind” business. For almost twenty years Luke has led a company that serves two distinct business crowds. Luke’s company, Midwest Recyclers, has one division that helps companies properly and efficiently eradicate their e-Waste, while another side of the house refurbishes and recertifies many of the collected items. These items are rebuilt around the idea that budget-minded companies need a trusted source for their next round of computers, electronics and office furniture. Luke, a Microsoft Certified technician, has a passion for extending the life of any and all business items. He loves seeing Midwest take a well-used piece of equipment, refurbish and recycle it so it can go to another owner for a completely different purpose. Although Midwest Recyclers does business throughout the country, Luke has been honored to be the Vice President of the Illinois Recycling Association for many years. An avid outdoorsman, Luke loves spending weekends with his family on their property in western Illinois.