Awards Committee: The Committee typically consists of at least one board member.
Establish award categories for the year’s awards and criteria or examples of accomplishments that qualify recipients of each award. Reach out to board members, general membership in advance of the Annual Meeting to solicit nominations for award recipients. Select award recipients and submit to full board for approval. Recipients are recognized at the Annual Meeting, in the case of the Recycler of the Year award with an engraved award, in the case of other awards an engraved award, plaque or certificate may be deemed appropriate depending upon type of award and available budget. A brief description of the person’s or group’s accomplishments for receiving the award is announced at the Annual Meeting.

Each year the Steve Apotheker Recycler of the Year award is given to someone who has dedicated time and talents to promote and advance the recycling industry.

Other possible categories used in the past which may be considered:

  • Outstanding School Recycling Program. This can be an elementary, middle school or high school program. Activities by environmental clubs, recycling champions, classroom activities or a school-wide effort to reduce-reuse-recycle are examples of how schools earn this award.
  • Outstanding Public Sector Recycling Program. This recognizes a community, county or public funded institution for a recycling effort, program or event that successfully achieves or promotes recycling.
  • Outstanding Private Sector Recycling Program. This recognizes a company’s efforts in initiating, supporting or expanding recycling efforts which show significant results.
  • Outstanding Communications or Education Program. This recognizes an educational program to inform or promote recycling, source reduction or re-use programs.

President’s Award. This award is designated by the President of the IRA to recognize a person, program or effort of significance and does not require committee criteria or approval.

Communications Committee: Chaired by a board member, the Communications Committee is ideally composed of board members and/or general membership. Experience with writing news articles, press releases or composing newsletters is helpful.

Schedule a monthly Newsletter for distribution to the membership via email. Coordinate feature articles, links to news items, information about scheduled events within the state or neighboring states, links to other environmental organization’s activities. Solicit op-ed articles, if appropriate, covering current events or legislative efforts. Write up content, submit to Administrative Coordinator to post on the website and/or send to membership via eblast.

Assist to promote planned IRA events, such as workshops, conferences and Annual Meeting. Compose press releases / eblasts as appropriate.

Maintain Facebook and Twitter postings.

Events Committee: Chaired by a board member, the Events Committee is ideally composed of several board members and/or general membership to assist in the planning, coordination and promotion of IRA Workshops, conferences or special events as established by the full board.

The Events Committee works with the full board to establish the number, schedule and location of events. These can be one-day workshops, tours, multi-day conferences or single topic meetings to educate, network or provide discussion or debate among the membership about topics of interest and concern.

With Board concurrence, the Events Committee coordinates speakers, costs, refreshments and venue of each event, works with the Administrative Coordinator to arrange for registration, distribution of any relevant attendees’ materials and contractual requirements.

The Events Committee, working with the full board, sets event fees for members, non-members and additional attendees from member organizations.

Financial Committee: Chaired by the Treasurer, the Financial Committee consists of volunteer board members and/or general membership who assist in preparation of the Annual Budget, monthly financial reporting and maintenance of the organization’s accounts, expenses and expenditures.

Legislative Committee: The Legislative Committee is composed of board members and general membership. One member is assigned to participate in scheduled calls with the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) and report to the board on the status of pending legislation as reported in the IEC Legislative Bill Tracker.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is chaired by a Board member and is composed of all Board members. Volunteers from the general membership can also serve on the committee. Purpose of the Committee is to assist the Administrative Coordinator to maintain a current list of members, solicit and inform potential members of the benefits of membership and assist in the annual membership campaign. Membership Committee also reviews the membership categories, fees and member benefits associated with each member category and prepares proposed changes to the full board for consideration and approval.


Other Committees may be created or established as needs are identified.