Recycle Coach Comes to Illinois: A New Era for Recycling

June 14, 2024 / Comments Off on Recycle Coach Comes to Illinois: A New Era for Recycling


The Illinois Recycling Foundation (IRF) is proud to announce the arrival of Recycle Coach, a revolutionary web-based and mobile platform designed to enhance recycling efforts across the state. This exciting development was unveiled at the recent IRF Annual Conference, where Jeff Gallant, President of Recycle Coach, delivered an engaging presentation outlining the benefits and features of the program.

Introducing Jeff Gallant and Recycle Coach

Jeff Gallant, who leads all business functions, corporate strategy, and growth at Recycle Coach, opened the presentation with a warm greeting and expressed his gratitude for the enthusiastic welcome he received from the Illinois community. Based in Toronto, Gallant has a background in technology, sales, and market development, having previously led Triton Digital in Canada. His expertise is now focused on transforming how municipalities manage their recycling programs through innovative solutions provided by Recycle Coach.

A Proven Track Record

Recycle Coach has already seen success in New Jersey, where it has been operational since 2017. The platform is available in 564 cities and 21 counties, with approximately 85% of communities on board. This wide adoption means that 2.3 million residents in New Jersey have access to clear and accessible recycling and waste information tailored to their specific locations. The program’s flexibility and adaptability have allowed it to tackle various environmental challenges, including single-use plastic legislation in partnership with New Jersey Clean Communities.

What Recycle Coach Brings to Illinois

The Illinois launch marks Recycle Coach’s second full statewide program, thanks to support from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Gallant emphasized that Illinois counties and municipalities do not need to budget for the program, procure it, or go through extensive purchasing channels. Instead, communities only need to sign up and start working with Recycle Coach to access its many features.

The platform’s core offerings include:

  • Collection Schedules: Recycle Coach integrates local curbside recycling schedules in various formats, ensuring residents receive timely reminders about their collection days through the app, email, or text messages.
  • What Goes Where Tool: This feature allows residents to search for disposal information by typing or using image recognition. The tool includes over 400 materials and 15,000 synonyms, ensuring accurate and localized information.
  • Inbound and Outbound Communication: Municipalities can send real-time notifications and alerts to app users who have opted in about collection service, special events, and more. Residents can also report problems such as missed pickups directly through the app.
  • Educational Content: Recycle Coach provides engaging educational materials, including quizzes, videos, and interactive games. These resources help residents understand recycling rules and practices better.

Localized and Inclusive Features

Gallant highlighted Recycle Coach’s commitment to localizing content to fit the unique needs of each community. This includes adapting to local terminology, colors, and specific recycling rules. The platform supports 24 languages, ensuring accessibility for diverse populations across Illinois.

Supporting Illinois Communities

To ensure successful implementation, Recycle Coach is hiring local staff in Illinois. This move follows their proven model in New Jersey, where local involvement has been key to the program’s success. The Recycle Coach team will work closely with Illinois municipalities to configure the platform, manage schedules, and provide ongoing support and training.

Looking Ahead

Recycle Coach is set to transform how Illinois communities manage their recycling programs, making recycling more accessible, efficient, and engaging for residents. As Gallant noted, “We’re here to stay. We’re coming in hot. We’re going to be here. You’re going to get sick of us.” With this new tool, Illinois is poised to become a leader in sustainable waste management.

For more information about Recycle Coach, visit their website. Local governments looking to start using the tools should schedule an on-boarding meeting by emailing Together, we can create a greener, more sustainable future for Illinois.