Ron Tazelaar

President of Economy Disposal/TAZ Construction & Demolition Recycling LLC

Luke Fikejs

Vice President
President of MW Recyclers Inc, Rolling Meadows

Shantanu Pai

Secretary & Communications Committee
Assistant Sustainability Researcher, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, University of Illinois

Mary Margaret Cowhey

Treasurer & Legislative Committee Chair
President/CEO of Land and Lakes Company

Mindy Agnew

Director & Communications Committee Chair
Sustainability Coordinator, Village of Oak Park

Kim Cronin

Strategic Sourcing Manager at Waste Management

William Curtin

Retired Director of Environmental Services, Loyola University Chicago

David Keeling

Director & Events Committee
Director of Recycling, Steel Recycling Institute

John Lardner

Director & Events Committee Chair
Senior Engineer, JPL Environmental Engineering & Co-Owner, Patriot Acres LLC

Jon Tigchelaar

Director & Website Committee
Manager of Information Systems, Resource Management Companies

James Jennings

Agency Liaison
ILEPA Liaison

Carol Staniec

Agency Liaison
USEPA Liaison Region 5