Ron Tazelaar

President of Economy Disposal/TAZ Construction & Demolition Recycling LLC

Luke Fikejs

Vice President
President of MW Recyclers Inc

Mary Margaret Cowhey

Treasurer & Legislative Committee Chair
President/CEO of Land and Lakes Company

Mindy Agnew

Director & Communications Committee Chair
Sustainability Coordinator, Village of Oak Park

Kim Cronin

Strategic Sourcing Manager, Waste Management

William Curtin

Retired Director of Environmental Services, Loyola University Chicago

Marta Keane

Recycling Program Specialist & Green Business Relations Coordinator, Will County

David Keeling

Director & Events Committee
National Recycling Coalition (NRC) President

John Lardner

Director & Events Committee Chair
Senior Engineer, JPL Environmental Engineering & Co-Owner, Patriot Acres LLC

Brian Rhoades

Business Development Manager, Area Recycling, Inc, a Materials Recovery Facility in Pekin IL

Dr BK Sharma

Senior Research Engineer in the Applied Research on Industrial Environmental Systems Program (ARIES) Group of the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, University of Illinois

Jon Tigchelaar

Director & Website Committee
Manager of Information Systems, Resource Management Companies

James Jennings

Agency Liaison
ILEPA Liaison

Carol Staniec

Agency Liaison
USEPA Liaison Region 5