FINES are fine screened material extracted from construction demolition and processing of C&D debris consisting primarily of soil, wood, concrete, drywall, rock and other miscellaneous material particles. The problem exists when FINES are not accepted for recycling and Illinois C&D Recyclers are trying to meet the challenge of a 75% recycling rate requirement. Also, finding an end market for C&D FINES continues to pose a challenge for recyclers because of increased scrutiny and questions surrounding the material’s environmental impact.
The Illinois Recycling Association assembled an impressive panel of local and national experts to discuss the FINES crisis in depth.  Click on the links to see individual presentations.
  • William Turley, Director, Construction & Demolition Recycling Association.  TurleyPPT
  • Thomas W Hubbard P.E., Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), Mgr Disposal Alternative Unit, Permit Section/Bureau of Land.  TomHubbard IEPA PPT
  • Neel Kalita, University of Florida, PhD Student, C&D Fines & Biochar Researcher.    UFLppt
  • Ron Tazelaar, President, TAZ C&D Recycling; President, Illinois Recycling Association

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