Corona Crusher Dates in Chicagoland

July 19, 2021 / Comments Off on Corona Crusher Dates in Chicagoland


Glass Recycling Foundation Partners with Constellation Brands & Corona for
Chicago Glass Recycling Pilot & Outreach
More than 28 million glass bottles and jars end up in landfills each year.
Although glass is endlessly recyclable, too many bottles never make it to the recycling bin and end up wasted in landfills. Recycling is one of the top actions we can take to simultaneously improve the environment, economy and sustainable manufacturing. And in turn, prevent waste from going into oceans and onto beaches
Corona is doing its part to help preserve the environment and protect our beaches by partnering with the Glass Recycling Foundation (GRF) to deliver the Protect Our Beaches glass recycling initiative. The Glass Recycling Foundation will help to kick off a pilot program to recycle glass bottles at Chicago-based bars and restaurants, including an interactive experience that sheds light on the need for glass recycling and helps crush the problem by turning empty bottles into sand. So in addition to recycling tons of glass, this initiative will also create a much-needed resource that will be used to make new bottles in a more eco-friendly way.
You can find this unique Corona experience at the following bars throughout the Chicagoland area. This schedule will be updated as more dates are confirmed. Stay Tuned!
Click Here for the Corona Crusher schedule.
GRF recognizes that there are many ways to use recycled glass and beach restoration is one of them, in addition, bottles can become new bottles, fiberglass, construction aggregate, sandblasting, and more.